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Hello everybody!
	Phew!  I'd like first to say, that despite all the turmoil, this list is a 
wonderful resource!
	Now, my question is, can anyone give me pointers to good info 
about Malaysian Trumpet Snails?  I got 2, yes, only 2, in a 10 gallon 
planted tank.  I'd like to get a good colony of snails going in there, 
so I can throw a few into my 38 gallon now and then for my clown 
loaches.  Do these snail require male and female for reproduction?  
I know not all snails do.
       And, these are some of the ones that don't much eat plants, 
      I'd also liek to add here, that I just ordered some Flourite a few 
weeks ago from http://www.thatpetplace.com/   and It was promptly 
shipped, and no problems with service.   YMMV, IME, etc. Not 
affiliated with them, just have ordered there a handful of times.