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free speech article

To the list-folk interested in Free Speech on the web forums, chats, et cetera,
    Just a link to a Wired article about Anti-SLAPP legislation and defenders. 

Just a small quote,
"Typically, it's thin-skinned corporate executives whose companies aren't doing well," said Mark Goldowitz, who heads the California Anti-Slapp Project, a non-profit group that defends posters against frivolous libel suits. "They use this as a way to shut up the critics, and it also sends a message to other posters." 

But you still have to watch what you say . . .

Maybe this link or some of these links within the article can help in the defense . . . or maybe not but it's still interesting reading . . . I thought I should pass it on to the list and maybe it can add to the defense's case??
Alberta, Canada

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