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Calls for bans?

Can we not as a list, or can someone not as owner of
the list, make a decision about banning people? I am
fairly certain that IP banning is realistic. It would
seem that there should be guidelines in place that
call for banning under certain instances. For example,
if a poll of users showed a majority wanted a person
banned they would no longer be allowed to post. I know
on other lists that businesses are not allowed to post
on, and have seen cases were people were banned from
posting on bulletin boards. Personally, I am totally
sick of JN, RN, BN, or whatever this guy's real name
is. He handled the issue in court as was his right but
he insists on continually bringing the issue up and
trying to cause furhter problems. He is a detriment to
the list and causes nothing but grief (well maybe some
entertainment as we laugh at his blunders). I would
really love to get to see how all of this kharma rolls
back around his way. I would not want to be too close
though because it might be messy, he has certainly
racked up a pile of negativity. At this point he has
won in my mind because I will probably unsubscribe
rather than have to subject myself to scanning through
the putrid mess he creates. He truly sickens me.

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