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re: tiny tank and filtration


So far I've found that a 20oz gatorade bottle with 2/3 cup of sugar, 1/4 tsp
of yeast and a pinch of baking soda has provided over a week of CO2 output
for my 3 gallon.  I'm using a 2" limewood diffuser and got a very fine
stream of bubbles rising.  pH has dropped from a tap water value of 7.8 to
around 7.  I wouldn't take the absolute values too seriously but the delta
of 0.8 indicates that a reasonable level of injection into the water is
occurring.  The 20oz bottle is nice since it is rather squatty and hides
nicely behind the aquarium without sticking up.

I'm researching using paintball cannisters, regulators along with a m3 valve
as an pressurized alternative to the yeast approach and things are actually
looking pretty good.  I'm going to pick up a slightly modified pball
regulator to do some testing with later this week and I'll post results,
positive or negative to this list.

good luck

jtm (btw, i'm using a system3 which has a 6w light (2w/g) and a wet/dry
filter all built in...silent and no mess...so far)

So far haven't got much feedback on my tiny tank question...

I am wondering if anyone has experience with tiny pumps for
water movement and CO2 injection in small tanks (<2.5 gal)?  I
am looking at either getting a little Rio 50 or the smallest
micro-jet.  Also, couldn't find anything in the archives about
them... Chuck H. asked about the micro-jets back in Nov., but I
couldn't find any follow ups.  Any advice is appreciated.