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Re: plant filterconversion /mangroves

> Date: Wed, 06 Mar 2002 05:27:10 -0800
> From: Raymond Wong <goiku at shaw_ca>
> Subject: plant filterconversion /mangroves
> Thanks Tom and Alan and everyone for their responses about the plant
> Tom I'd like to clarify something: you mentioned mangroves won't have any
> problems in fresh water tanks? Then I'll start looking for some,
> when you mentioned they require intensive lighting how do we measure? i
> guess u can't do watts per gallon so how about a single or double 2'
> hung approx 1' (more less) from the plants? I've never kept plants before
> except for the plants in my aquarium so sorry if this question sounds
> I've grown grass in a cup before in elementary school = )
> I'm assuming the mangroves don't need watering? but do i need to moisten
> their leaves?
> I'm planning on converting my aquaclear 300 into a plant filter supporting
> (maybe 2 iff it fits) (side comment: i recent purchased one of those newer
> tetratec power filters with a small version of the wet-dry built in, those
> things are huge, but the wet dry part makes too much water 'girgling'
> drives me nuts)
> the aquaclear 300, I currently have on my 48 gallon discus tank but it's
> bare not planted, don't know if this matters but the nitrate levels are
> in this tank and not tracable in my planted tank with a hagen test kit.
> would the conversion to a plant filter have any significant effects on the
> nitrate readings?
> thanks in advance,
> Raymond Wong
> http://www.sfu.ca/~rww/Aquariumstart.htm
I have no personal experience with Mangroves but there is a commercial web
site where they sell Mangrove plants and seeds. They do say they grown fine
in freshwater and they have links to a lot of information on Mangroves on
their web site. Check out:
http://www.floridaplants.com/Mangroves/Default.htm .
In winterless Connecticut...
Bob Buettner