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To Manny


Don't take anything "pets" says at face value. 

I have yet to see any proof that Kaufman actually wrote that letter. He 
posted it, along with the message about calling the IRS, on Compuserve's 
pets forum as well. He got the message header information for the IRS 
message up there, but somehow failed to show any header information on this 
alleged threat. 

So until verifiable, accurate, header information is posted (and that can 
easily be faked too), I'm not even considering that the message is true. 

Now, back on topic: Anyone in So Cal may want to drop by Pacific Reef in 
Anaheim at Lincoln and Beach Blvd. They are having a sale "buy three, get 
one free" on plants. Not the cheapest prices, but great plants and good 
selection. Plus, a good vareity of PC fluorescents. 

No affiliation other than being a satisfied customer, yadda yadda...