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RE: A. Kaufman / Newbies / Staying OT


Wait a minute, who is talking about free speech issues.

Iím referring to someone harassing someone with IRS fraud and sabotage of a 
web site or server. In fact at your suggestion I researched the issue at 
It seams this issue of computer crime has already been litigated against 
some of the defendants; from what I can see this is a new threat. Kaufman is 
not a defendant.

The two issues of harassment and threat of a crime you appear to ignore why?

This should not be a grip site for whiners, or crazy people to get there 
message on the web just for the sake of doing it.

Are you saying that he has a right to have that info posted to an AQUAIUM 
group-I think not. He is apparently a very disturbed person.

You did not address the suggestion that someone should moderate here.

You tell me if I donít like it f@#* off.

Before I do Iíll to see what others here think, there must be some 
intelligent input yet to be heard.   I hope.

LETS GET BACK TO TANKS and PLANTS. This is supposed to be a hobbyófun.

Buffalo NY

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