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Green Dust Algae

I had a lot of this for a while, then it went mostly away--or at least
didn't need scraping more than once in two weeks, and has been more
aggressively back in the last couple of weeks, after a big rearrangement
(as in pull all the plants and rearrange all of them) of the tank, and I've
been having to disturb the substrate a lot of replant things as the
goldfish dig them up (until their roots are strong enough to resist some
very determined goldfish).  The tank has always had a little sliver of
direct sunlight for about an hour or less daily on one corner, but the
green algae doesn't concentrate where the light hits.  I think the
disturbed substrate (including potting soil at the base) has more to do
with my outbreaks.  I

Diane Brown
brown_d at kids_wustl.edu