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RE: Dust algae and glosso

Rachel S. wrote: 
"I didn't know that blackout was bad for glosso." 
and  "I have a little bit that I am just starting to 
try to get to grow, so i think I'll just pull it out 
for the blackout. Speaking of glosso, it won't grow 
vertically - it just crawls along the ground."

If you want it to grow vertically, do the blackout!! :-)
Seriously though, getting the glosso to crawl along the ground 
is really the point, and most people have the opposite problem 
(eg it grows up).   So, you have enough light for the glosso to 
be grow properly, so be happy about that.  When I did my 
blackout a few months ago to get rid of GW, my glosso patch 
grew 6" tall!!

As for the sunllight... You might try blocking the light 
compeletely as an experiment to see if it slows down the algae -
- I am not advocating this as a long term solution though -- 
very few people like super dark living rooms!

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