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Green dust/glosso

Thanks Tom, I think I will try the blackout, because nothing else is 
helping. I have been messing with the tank alot - I took out all 3 kinds of 
hygro, among other things - but I think it's in a more-or-less stable 
configuration for a while.

I didn't know that blackout was bad for glosso. I have a little bit that I 
am just starting to try to get to grow, so i think I'll just pull it out for 
the blackout. Speaking of glosso, it won't grow vertically - it just crawls 
along the ground. Is this normal?

The tank does get a fair amount of direct sunlight, because it is next to a 
window which has a curtain which only filters the light instead of blocking 
it completely. But the green dust grows in the places where the sunlight 
doesn't hit at all. I hate it!

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