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Re: Fundraising and Benefits

I thought I'd come out of lurking mode for a minute and toss out the
mini-brainstorm idea of holding a "fundraiser" or "benefit" event. It seems
like lots of people on the list enjoy some friendly competition when it
comes to aquascaping and the hobby in general. It also seems like there may
be plenty of talent around here when it comes to organizing
such events. Does anyone here think it would be possible, and legal of
course, to create such a competition on the WWW, or a similar event of some
type, to raise more money for the fund?  On the surface, I think it could
be a great deal of fun for everyone -- especially if it was something that
everyone would feel "adequate" with participating in.Unfortunately, this
isabout where my brainstorm ends, unless you want to start talking about a
"Craziest SAE Contest" or something *smiles*, but seriously, is this idea
worth further consideration, or do I just need to get more sleep?

Maybe we could sell Tom Barr's autograph!

Robert Paul Hudson