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Re: Fish eating plants? (maybe snails)

On March 5, leebc wrote:

>I have just seen with my own eyes one of my snails gnawing on the tip of my
>E. tenellus.  It broke off the tip.

I would suggest that you get that snail out of your planted tank as fast
as you can. Isolate it somewhere else, and then later try to identify
it. Snails have a way of multiplying very rapidly, and once they are out
of control, it is really hard to get them all out without wiping out
your plants.

I use Red Ramshorn Snails which I obtained from Susi Barber (Thanks
Susi!), and they are wonderful with plants. I also have some Malaysian
Trumpet Snails which I obtained from Raymond Wong (Thanks Raymond!).
These guys are good with gravel. A good thread might be some other
suggestions of snails which are safe to use in planted tanks.

Ed Dumas