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Emmett's Idea for a Fundraiser to help the Defense Fund

> Hello Wonderful People,
> I thought I'd come out of lurking mode for a minute and toss out the
> mini-brainstorm idea of holding a "fundraiser" or "benefit" event.
> It seems like lots of people on the list enjoy some friendly 
> competition
> when it comes to aquascaping and the hobby in general. It also seems
> like there may be plenty of talent around here when it comes 
> to organizing
> such events. Does anyone here think it would be possible, and 
> legal of course,
> to create such a competition on the WWW, or a similar event of some
> type, to raise more money for the fund?  On the surface, I 
> think it could
> be a great deal of fun for everyone -- especially if it was 
> something that
> everyone would feel "adequate" with participating in. 
> Unfortunately, this is
> about where my brainstorm ends, unless you want to start 
> talking about a
> "Craziest SAE Contest" or something *smiles*, but seriously, 
> is this idea
> worth further consideration, or do I just need to get more sleep?
> - - Emmett

You know Emmett.  The is not a bad idea at all.  We can have a
online with contests with entry fee's that go to the Defense fund.  This
could be FUN for everyone in all categories and still raise money to
the defense fund.

I talked to Greg about it and he said "Perhaps" but I'm going to go
and pose this to the list.  What do you guys think about doing an Online
Event on MyFishBox.com with lots of fun contests?

It would be something like a $5 or $10 entry fee to certain contests.

First Time Aquascaper's Contest in Small, Medium and Large Tank
Advanced Aquscaper's Contest in  Small, Medium and Large Tank

Do we have artist (Drawing) out there on this list?  Perhaps Aqua

Tell you what, I'll also need help.  Me and Greg can't do this ourselves
and we have really time demanding jobs but I'd give up some sleep to get
this going.  So if you are interested, why don't you email me at 
cychow at exc1_annex.com.

This could be a fun thing for everyone, get money to help the fund and
me and Greg jump start MyFishBox.com too.

Email me if you are interested. :)