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My opinions

I was reading all about this suing of customers thingy.  I am new to this
list and I took some time to look into the history.  I can't help but to
give my opinions on this.

My family runs a business.  When I receive a complain, and others concur to
it, I have to look into the problem.  Even if the things said may not be
100% true, the bottom line is that my customer is not satisfied with my
service.  On the other hand, if the complain is an odd incident, others who
have received good service from me would stood up for me.  I think if
anyone have a positive attitude running one's business, I believe that one
could hardly fail.  Suing a customer is an unthinkable thing for me to do.
This means that I have no good testimony but to have defend myself in

I hope that all this will die down and all things will be resolved

The subscribers to this list are simply fantastic.  I joined this list as a
fishkeeper who is looking for plants to decorate my tank.  Now, I am so
inspired and I am neglecting my fishes while paying so much attention to my
plants.  I hope this list will be inspiration to others too.

Guys, keep up the good work.  Hope to see more discussions on plants.