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Re: Cracked light case

>Anyway, does anyone have advice for a heat resistant glue that can be 
>used on plastic? Maybe a "bondo" type material for plastic? I'm 
>concerned about moisture getting and ruining the light and I'd like 
>to repair it so that it lasts.

Your best bet is to use a solvent such as one of those that has been
described in the "joining plexiglas" thread. After that, I'd probably try
an epoxy myself (I have had good luck with Plastic Welder which I think is
a Devcon product -- check your hardware store). If you don't need the bond
to carry any real mechanical load (i.e. it won't be part of a supportive
structure), silicone caulk will seal fairly well and keep moisture out.
Don't trust it to hold the pieces together though -- only use it as a

The solvent will be best since it will make the plastic bond to itself
(check my post in that thread I mentioned for a description of the process
if you're interested). The resulting bond will be able to deal with the
same amount of heat as the plastic itself.


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