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Re: Joining Plexiglas / Polycarbonate

>Do you know if the same is true for the clear polycarbonates, such as
>Lexan, which is thermoformable but more resistant to scratching than
>plain acrylics?

I actually just ordered some solvent today for this purpose! The solvent is
methyl ethyl ketone and methylene chloride. It is stated as being useable
for acrylic (plexiglas), polycarbonate (lexan), butyrate (think wallpaper
corner guards), and styrene (jewel box clear parts).

BTW, for another poster, the "glue" in this case is actually a solvent. It
frees the molecules of the plastic polymer, and the adhesion is actually
due to the polymers tangling with each other between the two pieces being
joined and then regaining their previous rigid state.


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