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Re: Chiller diagram

>Hi, can anyone help me to find the diagram of how to
>make a chiller for aquaplant tank (500-1500 litre
>capacity), also the length of the copper wire
>Or if you can point me to a website that has the above
>information I'd be delightful.
>Thanks all!

Do you mean an undergravel heater cable or a chiller (refrigeration
device)? Chillers don't use a copper wire but rather a length of piping in
verious configurations to move the coolant around. Wire is used in heaters.

If you are really looking for a chiller, the designs are fairly complex and
do not lend themselves to DIY. To DIY a phase change refrigeration device
you need a good compressor, the proper plumbing and heat exchanged coils,
and you will need to evacuate the piping down to sub-micron levels before
filling the system with refrigerant. You may be able to modify a small
refrigerator, but you will most likely be better off purchasing a purpose
built aquarium chiller.


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