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Tank setup opinions wanted

Hi Eric,

24 inch deep tanks are a bit more exciting to work in as far as getting
drenched is concerned. (especially when it is 36 inches front to back!) If
you do the pruning in conjunction with water changes however, you can prune
before adding the water back.  It also helps to take off your shirt while
you are doing it.  Every time I try to do anything in my tank (also 24
inches deep) I get my shirt wet.  It is best not to do this if your tank is
visible from the front door/window and you are expecting neighbors or
deliveries he, he! :)

Your significant other may be more forgiving of all the water on the carpet
if you do it topless however, he, he.

Also, I had to break down and set my tank back up this weekend (stand
modifications).  Tom Barr recommended I put a small amount of ground peat
moss in bottom of tank under gravel when you set it up.  I used 3 handfuls
for 92 gallons.  Less is more.  It is beneficial for the bacteria.

Your tank sounds like it will be very cool, please post some pictures if you