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Re: plant filter

> Subject: Plant filter
> I've been doing some reading on plant filters for salt water tanks,
> and i came across this for fresh water
> http://www.sfbaaps.com/gallery/kaufmann_01.shtml
> I'm not too sure how to contact this person but is that just an aquatic
> plant emersed or is it something like a 'mangrove' using that to suck up
> nitrates etc etc?
> just curious?

It is basically a wet/dry filter with some media(lava, hydroponics clay
pebbles, bio balls etc) and something to push the water through the roots
from the tank. Most tropical indoor foliage works.

> and i believe (pls correct me if i'm wrong) that mangrove is usually for
> saltwater or brackish water tanks

Does fine in FW tanks also. Likes intense light.
Nice plant.
Tom Barr
> Raymond Wong