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Hi all,

       Just a few questions. How important is GH? Is calcium needed for plant 
I cant seem to find KNO3 stump remover at the local garden stores. I have 
Muriate of Potash, the bag says it is 0-0-30 and Nitrate of Soda 60-0-0. 
Currently I use KCl and Epsom salt along with Flourish for micros, and Im a 
little concerned about the Cl. I beleive that Cl might be a micro nutrient, 
it's listed on the Flourish bottle. I guess what Im looking for is a PMDD 
recipe, given what is available to me.
My KH and GH read 0 or 1. I add bakind soda for KH at water changes and use 
DIY CO2 to drop the pH from 7.6 to 6.4-6.8. 

Thanks for all suggestions,

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