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Re: fish eating plants

Hi Diana,

>I am noticing that my tetra tank which has lush plant
>growth has had the tips of the tennellus leaves nipped
>off.  .......
> I am suspecting my congo tetras ...... other fish are cardinals, silver tip
tetras, rasboras, rummy nose and the usual plant friendly

I have an 80 gal with congos, cardinals and neons, and 3 albino corys - I
noticed the 'trimming' particularly after I added the latter, so they were
my suspects!

Added some floating riccia a while ago, it all disappeared, so that might be
the thing to do, add zucchini or riccia.  However, the ramshorn snails love
both of these too - did the attach riccia to stone with fishing line thing,
shortly to be buried under snails, and then gone within 2 days - and I feed
green flake heavily once a day as well as a variety of other foods at other
times.  But I don't think its the snails on the tennellus, I never see them

Kind regards,

Susi Barber
in mostly sunny Vancouver