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Dallas-Fort Worth Aquatic Plant Club meeting this weekend.

Hello Fellow Plant Enthusiasts,

In the past several months, our club has seen a tremendous growth in 
interest and membership.  For this month, we'll be having the meeting at my 
house, Bailin Shaw, where we'll be talking about algae eaters in planted 
tank and also putting together a poster for an upcoming convention of the 
Federation of Texas Aquarium Societies.  In addition to the topics being 
discussed above, we'll be having a bar-b-que and getting a chance to be 
better acquainted with some of our new members.  So if you're interested in 
planted aquariums and want to get involved with a great group, come join us 
at the next meeting.

Hope to see some new faces there soon.  Also, check out the new layout of 
our new website!  It's really quite nice!

Bailin Shaw
DFW Aquatic Plant Club

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