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Native plant maintenance

I have collected Bacopa, Elodea, and what looks like Myriophyllum 
hippuroides, some of which has red stems and leaves.  I have planted them in 
a 10-gallon tank with a substrate of peat, gravel, and stones.  I have 
fertilized the substrate with aquatic plant food 20-10-5 and have added the 
recommended dose of Flourish to the water.  I am filtering with a whisper 
power filter (the Elodea and Bacopa and the red Myriophyllum were collected 
in a rapidly flowing stream).  So far I have done two water changes (in one 

I have noticed that some of the old growth on the plants is looking ragged 
and attracting algae, but they are beginning to have new growth along their 
stems.  The new growth is growing very slowly.

My question is:  at what point should I prune and replant?  Should I detach 
the new stems from the old or cut off the old below the new growth and plant 
the old stem?  Another alternative, should I cut the old stem just above new 
growth that is low on the stem and replant the old stem?

I hope my questions are clear.  I think they are awfully basic in comparison 
with the advanced technical questions that are usually addressed here, but I 
hope someone can help.  I have always had planted tanks, but I would not 
consider myself a water gardener.  I would love to learn to create a 
beautiful planted tank and keep algae in check.

Thank you.

Dick Norwood
Columbia, SC

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