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Tiny tank question

I just purchased an 8" cube tank (8x8x8)  (~2 gal)
that is made out of plexiglass/acrylic.  I am 
planning on installing one AHS 13w CF fixtures over 
it, and injecting it with compressed CO2.  I have not 
planned on filtering or heating, and was only going 
to keep a few ghost shrimp, an otto and maybe 2-3 
white clouds. Should I plan on some kind of micro-
pump for circulation, or would it be okay with out it?

My questions are: anyone have experience with tiny 
tanks like this?  If so, is 13w of CF too much or 
workable?  Also, does anyone have any ideas or 
suggestions as to how I should mount the light above 
the tank? (It will have a 7.5" Miro reflector)  The 
tank has a sliding piece of plexi that fits into 
slots at the top, and I am not sure wether to use it, 
or go open-topped and suspend the light over the 
tank. (I would think the heat might melt it)

Suggestions / comments appreciated!

In windy and cold SE PA!

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