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stellata mystery solved?

Regarding the color of stellata, and keeping it green:

A couple three weeks ago, I added the usual Flourish
after a water change.  In addition I added P, N, and
Fe (which I normally do not do).  Stellata became
noticeably more green.

This past week, after the weekly water change, I added
the usual Flourish, and on a hunch, only added the Fe
(not the P and N).  Same effect.  Stellata became
noticeably more green.  I should mention that I do not
have an iron test kit.

So at least for me, stellata seems to be iron limited.
 And this is in a tank that gets daily red meat
(discus food).

So if anyone else has non-green stellata, maybe you
can try adding Fe, and let us know if it makes it


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