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Goldilocks rubins

> Subject: stunted red rubin
> I have a Red Rubin that was stunted at one time. Will it ever regain it's
> full size? Right now it produces leaves like crazy, probably one a day at
> least, but max height is around 10 inches
> jeff vamos
> cessnabum1 at aol_com

Can we trade?  I wonder what sort of light you have?  Mine started
elongating massively, I think in part because the neighboring Apos grew long
enough leaves to snag most of the frogbit in the tank, so there's a little
frogbit parasol above my too-large Rubin.  I have a theory that mine is too
big and yours too small because of differences in light levels, but that's
just a guess.  I also gave mine some spikes, but it sounds like growth isn't
the issue here.