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Re: Re: Joining Plexiglas

Gary Lange pointed out:

> Silicone does NOT hold plexiglass together for very long.  I'm not
> sure I'd
> try this with a tank.  It's sort of like trying to silicone seal one
> of
> those old slate bottom tanks.  The only way you get a good seal with
> that is
> to epoxy it first and then stick the silcone sealant to it after it
> cures.

Thanks for the correction, Gary.  I think I just assumed that joints I
have made, which were subject to less tension than water containers,
would exemply any silicone-plexiglass bonds.  Silicone sealant is
relativley  low-adhesion and sometimes I surprised it even sticks to
glass, although it obviusly does :-) . 

Do you know if the same is true for the clear polycarbonates, such as
Lexan, which is thermoformable but more resistant to scratching than
plain acrylics?

Scott H.

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