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re: Overdosing with Flourish Excel

Thanks to everyone who commented on overdosing Excel.  I should have asked
when overdosing did you overdose the initial/water change dose (5ml/10gal)
or overdose the daily dose (5ml/50gal)?  Also, those of you who had oxygen
deprived fish, what was the aeration like in your tanks?  I just have two
small tanks w/Penguin external filters so the water does get some exposure
to the air.

I have had a little clouding but I hadn't correlated it with the Excel.
I'll pay attention to this and see if it is the Excel.

It would seem logical to me to only add Excel when the plants will be
needing the carbon so morning or early in the day make sense to me.  I can
see where adding it at night would cause problems.  I always add it in the
morning hours.

I would still like a little more technical explanation of what might happen.
Any takers?