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Counter measures to maintain atmosphere? and large Rubin

As several people have noticed, the recent posts by certain parties have
done damage to the quality of this community and seemed potentially
libelous.  Is there any possibility we could take out a restraining order or
some other action as a class to prevent such actions in future?  Any legally
informed people out there who might have a sense of how to defend ourselves
against this onslaught?  I for one would like to see the ranting stopped.

For obligatory plant content:

I have a Rubin sword in  a 55 that has been nicely contained in the tank,
but I recently cleared out a lot of floating plants above it and gave it
some spikes, and now the petioles of the new leaves seem to have extended
such that the leaves go up to the surface and lie flat up there.  Any
thoughts on how to reduce the size of this plant?  Would root trimming a la
bonsai do the trick?  just a thought.