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Re: AGA Convention Videos are now available!

Just an addendum to Erik's post on the AGA convention tapes.  Don't let not
being a member stand in you're way... there's an easy, and inexpensive
answer.... Just join!  Membership in North America is only $15, $28
elsewhere.  Our magazine, The Aquatic Gardener, was a great resource before,
and we are in the middle of a redesign to make it even better. (including
lots more color!)

For those patient current members who have been waiting while we had a
change of editors for TAG, I've got good news too.  If you haven't gotten
your interim TAG yet, you should get it in the next day or two.  Mine came
Saturday.  Erik did a great job with that too, and it includes a nice
write-up on the conference, and beautiful color photos of the Aquascaping

We're already hard at work on the next issue.  That one should be in your
hands by early May.  We have a dynamite line up of articles, new columns,
and FULL COLOR for you!