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Re: Best Canister System

I currently have an Eheim 2215 on a 55g, a Fluval 104 on a 15g, and 3 Fluval
103s on 15-20g. I've been happy with the performance of all of them, but I
have reservations about the Fluval 104 due to use of it's proprietary hoses
and, thus, fittings. It does work very well, however. It's in a goldfish
tank and performs well taking care of those poop machines. My vote goes to
the Eheim, however, due to the fact that it's at least 12 years old (I
bought it used) and still performs flawlessly. The newer Eheim Pro systems
may be better, and they have attractive features such as self-priming and
quick, single-point disconnects. I have never had any problem priming my old
Eheim, however, though I do have to get a mouthful of aquarium water to
facilitate this. I inject CO2 into all my filters except my Fluval 104 and
none have problems in that regard, though the old Fluvals can get a little
noisy with the gas. The Eheim never does.

The most attractive feature of cannisters is that they are flexible in terms
of media and they are very low-maintenance. I clean my Eheim about every
three months and then only to change out a phosphate absorber. The filter
has never been in dire need of a cleaning in that 3-month window. The
Fluvals I run for about 6 months each between cleanings because I don't have
phosphate sponges in those.

Additionally, cannisters filters are very, very quiet, and you have nearly
total control over water flow, etc. with them. Whatever your choice, I would
use some kind of prefilter to ease your maintenance even further. the Eheim
prefilter is outstanding, IMO, and it's only about $13 online.

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