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JBJ cooling fans

I have two new JBJ ligh fixtures, the Formosa DX style.  One runs
2x96watt bulbs and the other runs 2x55 watt bulbs.  Both have dual
cooling fans controlled by one switch.  They are advertised on this
model as being "whisper quiet."  Well, I don't know what the old ones
were like, but the noise from these is far from a whisper.  It drives me
crazy.  There is a lot of air noise and each hood makes it's own
frequency of other noises, including a plastic buzzing on one.

I have tried tightening everything, moving the little wires around to
make sure they are not vibrating, etc.  Nothing improves the noises.  I
want to just turn them off.  Has anyone used the JBJ lights without the
fans on for say a year or so?  Was there any ill effect except that the
water heated up a few degrees?  I read into the Archives and most were
concerning the CustomSealife brand and DIY fan projects.

Roxanne Bittman