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OT: Fish disease help

Dear all, 
Sorry for the off topic questions but I need help quickly. 
I have an Oscar (about 7 yrs old) in a 75 gal with an eheim 2028. He has a 
bloated belly (hinting to be a swim bladder disease/ disorder) but something 
very odd is that the entire left side of him is swollen (from his belly to his 
mouth, and this is forcing him to breathe very hard and laboriously. I must 
feed him "soft" foods since his mouth is somewhat swollen and it's hard for 
him to do the cichlid chew and spit. Water changes come straight from the tap. 
~3 KH and ~7 GH. Please help if you can. I've created an isolation bucket with 
high salinity and very warm water (85 degrees F). He's a large fish but I will 
try my best in "dipping" him for five minute intervals. My isolation tanks are 
too small for him. Anyway, please write to my email with any and all advice, 
especially if this disease is known and treatable.     
thank you all,

david lim

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