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Re:Hottonia palustris wasting away

    * From: "Carlos Sanchez" <tsunamicarlos at hotmail_com>

     I recently obtained four healthy stems of Hottonia palustris.
It had been growing very well until the last few days. The individual
stems are dying from the bottom up. First, the bottom portion of
the stem and bottom leaves turn brown. The symptom gradually moves
up the stem until it reaches the growing tip (which turns yellow
for a few days, then dies). I've already lost two stems this way. I
still don't have very much of this plant and really don't want to lose

55 gallon
Lighting: 3.75 watts/gallon
CO2: DIY (2 2 liter bottles - still have to upgrade this)
Nitrates: 5 ppm - 10 ppm
GH: 6 dGH
KH: 4 dKH
Three teaspoons of Kent Plant Supplement every week.
2 ml of Flourish Potassium a day.

If it's any help, my Rotala macrandra and wallichii have recently
been turning a deep scarlet. Also, the glass of my aquarium keeps
getting covered with a powdery, green film of algae in a matter of
days after cleaning it all off.

Carlos, the symptoms of the Hottonia you describe do not sound remotely
like any kind of deficiency; they sound like a disease!  I would recommend
cutting off the green tips as far away as you can from the brown region of
the stem and floating them in another tank to see if they recover and
produce some roots.  There are bacterial diseases of land plants that cause
symptoms like this.

Paul Krombholz in warm central Mississippi, where the first arctic air mass
has moved off to the east, and another one is advancing.