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Re: Joining Plexiglas

BErney1014 at aol_com asked for some help on gluing plexiglass.

Plexiglass can be "cut" by scoring and snapping just like cutting
glass.  But the edge is not flat.

Plexiglass can be cut with power saw but he speed mut be slow or the
friction will melt the edge as the blade goes by.

The edges can be light heated with a torch flame to smooth them before

Capillary welding is, I believe the best method for joing pieces of
plexiglass.  Two very closely fitting edges are brought together and
plaxiglass weleding cement is applied to the edge with a sytringe and
capillary action draws in into the joint.

Short of that finesse, you can silicone pieces together jsut like glass
aquarium panels.

Also, if it's not too thick, you can heat the plexiglass with a heat
gun blower and form corners out of single piece by heating and bending
over a corner form (e.g., workbench)-- you end up with fewer joints
this way.  You can also form by bending over a hot rod or post  (called
post forming) but the approriate rod is hard to come by.  

Scott H.

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