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Re: Cutting Slate

Thomas Zaccone asked about cutting slate.

You can cut pieces that aren't too thick, more than about 1/2 to 1 inch
max on a ceramic-tile saw -- black slate is slow going.  Finding one is
the hard part.  Home Depot probalby won't let you use theirs except on
tile.  You might find a brickyard or brick contractor that will cut the
pieces on a brick saw (same as a tile saw but with with large gullets
in the blade for dust removal and large diamond chips in the cittung

Whenever I wanted to make small pieces from big pieces of slate, I just
got a bunch and whacked with hammer and chisel over a slotted board
underneath.  It's imperfect, not all pieces work, it's very natural
looking when you're done.

Good luck,

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