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Cutting Slate

Have a question about  landscaping..

 I have a large tank and want to run terraces upwards towards the back  I
want to make these appear to be natural rock formations.  Since I want to
put plants BEHIND the terraces, I need to keep the actual retaining walls
thin( in vertical perspective) while running about 2" high.

 I thought I would make them out of slate, which is easy to split, and then
glue them together.  I want the slate to appear natural looking, so the
flakes have to be glued one on top of the other, facing towards the front of
the tank, so they appear like natural layers of sedimentary rock.  The edges
of the flakes are sharpe, but can be easily sanded to make them dull and
safe for the fish.The problem is cutting the flat slate flakes into thin
strips.  I thought a dremel might do it, but it works very slowly.

Are there any suggestions about creating thin, natural rock retaining walls
in some other fashion or cutting slate easily into strips?