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Re: Hottonia

> 55 gallon
> Lighting: 3.75 watts/gallon
> CO2: DIY (2 2 liter bottles - still have to upgrade this)
> Nitrates: 5 ppm - 10 ppm
> GH: 6 dGH
> KH: 4 dKH
> Three teaspoons of Kent Plant Supplement every week.
> 2 ml of Flourish Potassium a day.

Add the trace mix, the Kent every 2 days at 5mls. What's your pH?
> If it's any help, my Rotala macrandra and wallichii have recently
> been turning a deep scarlet.

Your NO3 are too low. You might have tested at 5-10 but it sure sounds like
low N to me. I have had the plant do that at higher lighting for the same
reasons. Water change(50%) fresh change on the DIY, add 1/2 teaspoon of
KNO3, some K+, 10mls of traces. Add traces 3 days later(5mls) and every 2
days thereafter. Add KNO3 at 1/4 teaspoon every 3 days. PO4? Tap water's
content? Look at that also. Consider adding it if you can keep up on your
CO2(pH of 6.4-6.6 for your KH).

 Also, the glass of my aquarium keeps
> getting covered with a powdery, green film of algae in a matter of
> days after cleaning it all off.

Clean it off well, do the water change after that, keep the plants well fed.
You can try to suck off the algae after scraping. Annoying but not harmful
to plant much. 
Tom Barr
> Thank you,
> Carlos