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pearling algae!?! but not plants-lighting?

Hello all, I just moved my plants and fish over from a 29 gallon to a 
38 gallon aquarium. 
    In this new aquarium, I have about 105 watts of screw-in CF 
lights.  And I have compressed CO2 at a bubble every 3 seconds. 
Flourite and gravel substrate.
	Now, everyone seems fine, the plants are all there, not dieing, 
but the plants are not pearling so far, yet the little bit of algae(not 
sure, I think a mix of bga and hair) that's on the ends of a couplel 
plants and a piece of wood, IS pearling.
	The color temp of these bulbs I'm using is 3000K(Sylvania, 
BTW).  Do ya'll think this is a problem?  On the old tank, I had a mix 
of these and normal flourescent "cool white" and "plant & aquarium 
bulbs" by GE.
     I get a ph of 6.5 with one test kit, and 6.8 with another.
     So, why pearlign algae and not plants?  Ideas in general?
	oh yes, I read on thekrib.com, and in APD archives, that ppl 
have bga trouble at times with too little nitrate?  right?  if so, I can 
look for  a test kit, and what's an easy to come by source if I end up 
needing to add this?
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