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White filmy thread algae


Are you sure these aren't nematodes crawling out of the soil with copper 

That isn't a lot of light for a ten gal.

Why is the GH so high?

If it is copper - and the snail death is an indicator, it might take more 
than water changes to rid you of it. The Cupi-sorb or whatever is a good 
idea. That copper can bond with a lot of stuff and you have "soil" in there.

With copper and that little light, I'm sursprised algae could grow this well 
but maybe that's why it is white.

Just a few points to consider. :0)

With a soil substrate there's just no telling. Paul K. has a good procedure 
for "soil soup". Freshly submerged "soils" can be chemical and biological 
chaos for a while. Best to do this elsewhere and let it stabilize before use, 

Sounds like you have a lot of test kits - what type Fe kit?

Bob Olesen