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UV and GW

I found the only real way for me to get rid of GW was to get a UV sterilizer.

It kills GW and cuts way down on utricularia sp., i.e., Bladderwort. Barr was 
right again, it didn't flat out kill the Bladderwort as I found a few hairs 
here and there. It did, however drive it into it's rightful place in my 
aquarium - Unobservable Land where it and the algae may live in peace but not 
prosper and multiply.
 <<You obviously have to fix the underlying problem which has been addressed 
 you will just keep getting it but this is what worked for me. >>

I keep hearing this theme repeated but tell me this: is not a high light, 
nutrient rich environment (like ideally our tanks) with GW spores wafting 
through air currents all over the globe the underlying problem?  I haven't 
possessed one of these anywhere, anytime that didn't have an occasional 
outbreak of GW, especially given enough light. Maybe O2 is an inhibitor since 
stagnant water is associated more with green water and pond scum? Anyway, I 
use my UV all the time.

 I played with all the other toys and variables with no luck. Get a UV and be 
done with it. Ditto CO2. Around $200.00 more, and you'll have most of what 
makes tanks work really well. Even less if you look a bit, are inventive/or 
buy used. 

At $5.15 per hour you'll spend far less time in your new, temporary, part 
time job at Mc Donald's earning the extra $$ you need than you will fooling 
with DIY CO2, etc.

Bob Olesen