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the APD

Someone nameless said:
> A hearing was held in Federal Court Eastern District today.

Donate to the Defense fund: I mean the folks that have not donated anything.
Just _a little bit_. I know someone out there can auction a plant off for a

There's at least a +1000 of you out there.
The Defend fund could use your donation. There are many good reasons to
donate just a little bit. Anything you learned from the APD, the great
archives and other things were _all free_. Even some good advice about where
to shop or not too. You have to protect the free things in life and be
willing to actually do something rather than take no action. You do this
hobby because you love it.

Some people are mean spirited and pursue negative roads in life, *we* should
not sink to their level. Some folks appear unable let it go. Even after Sept
11th right in the backyard.

The whole thing does nothing but waste folk's time the longer it is drug
out. Do not post ANYTHING about this from now on.
Don't give the guy ANY energy, bad or good. Ignore it.

Move on,

 and if it does makes you MAD, **do something**, send a few $ to the Defense
fund. That's the best way to help and beat this blatant amoral use of the
court system in the USA.

Tom Barr