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Overdosing Flourish Excel?

Terry asked about ODing Excel.  When I did it, my Crypts, Cape Fear
spatterdocks and round leaf spatterdocks melted.  Not all of my crypts did
it however, it was random.  All of my spatterdocks except one fell apart.
The crypts came back, the spatterdocks did not.  My CO2 didn't come on for
over a week.  Fish seemed fine.  I didn't go crazy with the dosage, if you
nailed it with 2-4 times the dosage, I would think it would be very bad.

Please don't try this at home.  :) (sorry, I've always wanted to say that!)

Use the lowest dosage on the bottle.  Then, if all seems ok, up it slowly to
the higher dosage but don't OD it.  Seachem makes some very fine products
but they are potent and that warning is on there for a very good reason. :)