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Overdosing Flourish Excel?

Terry King asked:
> What might be expected to happen if a tank is overdosed with Flourish Excel?
> Lets say at 2x or 4x the recommended dose? The bottle emphatically states
> not to overdose and I'm curious as to what effects it would have.

I have found that when I use Excel the water tends to turn cloudy. The
fish never seem to be distressed, but the appearance is not great. 

Then David Cyrluk replied:

> I think the sugars in Excel reacted to consume the
> oxygen in the tank,
> but I don't really know.
> Is that a likely explanation?

This would explain a lot for me. I have one of those $#$#%$^ DIY yeast
systems, and I was seeing if adding Excel would provide a little extra
carbon for the plants. My guess is that if there are sugars in Excel,
this would combine with yeast from a DIY system to cloud the water and
have a nice fermentation happening right in the tank.

Does this sound plausible to anyone out there?


wanting to win the lotto so I can get my CO2 injection system!