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The Eheim Bubbles

Eheim air leaks....

> Perhaps you are overfilling the media in your filter and it's getting
> mucked up?

The last time it happened, the floss was pretty clean still...only a month.
> Also, does the hose that links to your intake happen to join in above
> the water surface (I've had nothing but problems with Fluval intakes
> where the intake has a "joint" that is often above water level and sucks
> in air).

No, it's underwater

> I have an Eheim 2213.  Sometimes after cleaning it I get an imperfect seal
> and I get a constant stream of bubbles.  If I thoroughly wet the o-ring seal
> before closure, sometimes I don't get the air leak - but it is hit or miss.
> On my Eheim 2217, wetting the o-ring prior to closing almost always prevents
> the air leak that lead to bubbles.
> Yes, one cat hair can break the seal and led to bubbles.  Also, over time,
> the water around the o-ring can evaporate and cause an air leak.  If the air
> leaks really bug you, coat the o-ring with silicone grease (obtainable at
> any LFS) prior to closing.

I'm gonna go with this idea. Since removing the offending hair, I will now
see what happens. If I still get the leak, silicone grease it is. It's not
that the bubbles really bug me, it's just that I thought something must be

Thank you all for answering. I love this list almost as much as I love my

penny (girl's name)  :)