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Question about bulb choices

Hi, I'm new to this list and have been lurking for about a week now. 
I've been reading up on fluorescent bulbs for tanks and frankly, I've 
got info overload.

I have a 46g bowfront which, due to it's odd shape, limits my 
lighting choices, which I want to remain simple (for now).  I have a 
lot of low light plants with a few medium thrown in for 
experimentation. Currently I have one 36" 30w Phillips Daylight bulb 
(kind of greenish), with one of the bulbs that came with the strip 
light hood (cool white).  I would like to add a small strip-light to 
the front of the bow. I can fit a 16" strip very nicely there, which 
would give me another 15w which would give me 1.6w per gallon over 

What I am having trouble with is which bulbs are best?  I like the 
combination of different bulbs (for example, two of the Phillips was 
much too green) but with my limited choices I have no idea what would 
be the most effective for the situation. Of course I want good light 
for the plants with good light for my eyes.

I have looked at many lighting sites and all the watts/lumen/K/CPI 
info is overwhelming. But, after much reading, I am leaning toward 
combining the Phillips, with either a GE Chroma 50, Sylvania Gro-Lux, 
or Coralife Trichromatic. And put a better plant-specific light in 
the front strip.  I like a natural looking, brightish looking light. 
Can anyone recommend a combination to me?

Thanks for your time,