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RE: If I were a man / 29G tank

Kate wrote:
>reposting again and wondering if a "boys" name would
>illicit an better response? 
>is the aquarium plant hobby a "boys club"?? 
>I'm beginning to wonder... 

Actually, in most lists, a woman/girl would get a ton 
of responses!! ;-)

>I would like some advice on planting a 29G long. 

I am not familiar with a 29G "Long" -- I have a 
recently setup 29G that measures 30X12X18 inches 
(lwh).  AFAIK, this is the standard 29G tank.
I have found that is is difficult to aquascape a 
narrow AND tall tank like this effectively.  One 
thing I would recommend is using driftwood and large 
rocks to add some height, and then surround the 
rock / driftwood with low growing plants like 
hairgrass or glosso.

>I had some nice plant growth but things went south and 
>I would like to start again. 
>H2O parameters I am not sure of, I know I ahve to get 
>ph 7, nitrates low .020 or .20?? not sure juts know 
>they are low. 

I would keep nitrates 10-15 mg/L.

>substrate...laterine, mixed size gravel and small 
>patch of sand. 

Sounds good.

>fish load...4 cory cats, 4 clown loaches, 4 rainbows, 
>1 betta 
>110W of compact flours. 

That's a ton of light for this type of tank -- I hope 
you have gas CO2! And lots of time to prune!

>I would like to an nice looking and healthy tank!! 
>maybe some tall plants in the back? 

I would allow the background to show through in a few 
spots to give the tank depth.

>tank is 12" deep X 36" long X 18" high. 

This would be more than 29 gallons -- see above.

Hope this helps!
Feel free to email me, and I can send you some pics of my 29G tank.

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