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Mustard growing in Aquarium

I left my substrate, Flourish, in a bucket in the back yard last summer, as
I wasn't able to have a tank setup because I was moving.  When I set the
tank up again I just left if for a while with the substrate and no fish or
pants in it.  I was surprised to see plants coming up and assumed they had
survived from some previous setup that was in place some months ago.  I
couldn't recognize them at first as anything I'd had then realized I had
seen that leaf as a weed in the garden.  It took some time but eventually
recognized it as wild mustard.  I have even tasted some and it has the
signature mustard taste.  It is growing really well and some of the plants
even have a nice compact habit.  It has been growing submersed at least four
months and some it has even flowered.  I do have some photos of it if anyone
is interested.

With 2.something watts of CF lighting CO2 injection it even bubbles
strongly.  I think it is an excellent addition to the tank!