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Eheim Users

Penny Crowley asked about bubbles coming from an Eheim:

I have an Eheim 2213.  Sometimes after cleaning it I get an imperfect seal
and I get a constant stream of bubbles.  If I thoroughly wet the o-ring seal
before closure, sometimes I don't get the air leak - but it is hit or miss.
On my Eheim 2217, wetting the o-ring prior to closing almost always prevents
the air leak that lead to bubbles.

Yes, one cat hair can break the seal and led to bubbles.  Also, over time,
the water around the o-ring can evaporate and cause an air leak.  If the air
leaks really bug you, coat the o-ring with silicone grease (obtainable at
any LFS) prior to closing.

Best Regards,

Roger Gordon