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Re: K2HPO4

In a message dated 2/28/02 2:17:16 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<<  using a P limited approach is STILL very effective
 but the P is not meant to go to zero just low relative to the other
 nutrients. >>

I sincerely apologize for posting three times with no text. I hope it didn't 
copy the whole list. Might be getting about time for a new 'puter.

I am way behind on my reading and was totally unaware of the Tom and Neil 
show when I sent my comments on the demise of BBA in my tanks concurrent with 
the introduction of K2HPO4. I did also raise the iron and trace levels as 
well as add Mg after the K2HPO4 was added and the algae declining, so it's 
hard to attribute its virtual disappearance to just one variable. One thing 
is for sure though, the BBA has now totally disappeared even off the 
inanimate wood it was so fond of. Could just be a cyclic algae type thing. 
I'm sure it will return again at some point given the right conditions.

Sure is a huge coincidence though

I did not raise or even touch the CO2 levels anytime in the recent past - but 
then they were probably in the way adequate range all along. To tell the 
truth, I don't have a CO2 test kit and I don't really trust the accuracy of 
my cheap KH, GH and pH test kits enough to infer anything meaningful by chart 
as far as CO2 levels go.

I read the Colins Sears papers, but like too many things in my life, I 
figured if low P was good, then zero was even better. I used my rather 
expensive LaMotte Phosphate Test Kit once a month, if that, and would 
typically glow with inner satisfaction to note the lack of any tint 
whatsoever - indicating a complete absence of P. Now I use it much more 
often, more in the past two weeks than the past year, and am taking great 
pleasure in my growing ability to distinguish shades of blue between . 2 and 
.8ppm. I'm also able to appreciate the usefulness of the comparator design 
for the first time.

I'm not sure what led to what but I do know it all started with adding P and 
it's all good.

Bob Olesen